13.5-inch Large Egyptian Winged Maat Goddess of Truth and Justice Real Bronze Powder Cast Statue

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  • Large winged Ma'at
  • 13.5 inches tall, 14 inches wide
  • Premium quality Cold Cast Bronze with hand-painted color accents
  • Ma'at - Goddess of Truth and Justice
Measuring 13.5 inches tall and 14 inches wide, this Large Sized statue is a superb representation of Maat, the Goddess of Truth and Justice and wife of the Moon God Thoth. This winged Ma'at is made with cold cast bronze, individually polished, antiqued, and intricately hand-painted with color accents. The special production process of this piece, originated from Great Britain, uses actual bronze powder mixed in the cold cast resin in order to ensures a richer, more life-like presentation. It's great as a gift for any Egyptian-mythology lovers!